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[Review] Lapillus – GIRL’S ROUND Part 2

The girls from Lapillus are back with their new mini-album ‘GIRL’S ROUND Part 2’. Let’s dive right in to discover more.


We start off with the title track ‘Who’s Next’. This upbeat hip-hop dance track with a lot of intense beats. The chorus is kind of a vibe. It will definitely leave you hyped up!

Go check out the music video below.

‘Marionette’ is up next. The pop track has a pretty cool instrumentation. The whistle feels very summery and I like the strings they added to the backing track. I’m kind of obsessed with how catchy this is.

After that comes ‘ULALA’. We’re going for Latin beats and a very festival feel. The brass in the instrumentation really gives it that Latin feel. They get bonus points for the Spanish adlibs.

‘Paper’ is a song that talks about the scars you get from a love that is as fragile as paper. This is definitely an interesting vocal color they added. I like the build-up to the chorus a lot.

The last two tracks are the English version and instrumental version of the title track.

Overall Lapillus did a great job with ‘GIRL’S ROUND Part 2’. Go ahead and listen to it here on Spotify.

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