Photo Credits: Bluedot Entertainment


JUST B debuted today with the EP ‘JUST BURN’, consisting of the members GeonuBain, Lim JiminJMDY, and Sangwoo. This group under Bluedot Entertainment has some familiar faces. Some of the members were part of the ‘Under Nineteen‘, and other were in the well know survival show ‘I-LAND‘.

Now, let’s check the music in this EP.


We start off with ‘Get Away‘ with rock inspired orchestration. This song needs a live stage performance, the music in it is fantastic and the guitar solo amazing. I really liked how the pace changed for the bridge with the breathtaking piano instrumentals and the vocals. This song is a very solid b-side, and an excellent opening for this release.

DAMAGE‘ plays with dope beats and heavy bass. This song is the title track of this release and as expected leaves a very strong impression with its layering and mixing. The end for this song feels like a very open one and transitions smoothly to the next track.

The music video has a dystopian storyline with interesting aesthetics, and a very cool choreography. Watch it below.

My Way‘ plays next, this song goes all in with an EDM track that seriously needs to be played in an electronic music festival. It is a total anthem and I can totally picture a massive crowd jamming to it.

With title track potential ‘Double Dare‘ starts, this song has all the power, vocals and rapping to be promoted together with ‘DAMAGE’. The beat drops are super good and I really liked they composed it and how this song was driven.

Last on this debut EP we have ‘Deja Vu‘, this EDM/Hip-Hop track has a really good balance of vocals and rapping, and finishes this really leaving listeners hyped up with its beats.

You can listen to this release here.

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