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[Review] Jinyoung – Chapter 0: WITH

Jinyoung from GOT7 released his first solo mini-album ‘Chapter 0: WITH’ today. We’re super stoked as all of the group’s solo releases have been stellar. Jinyoung has writing credits on each of the tracks

Chapter 0: WITH

We start off with ‘Animal’. This is a stunning ballad with emotional piano and strings. I absolutely adore the layering with the various vocal lines and Jinyoung’s clear, beautiful tone. The track will have you feeling your feelings.

Next up is the first of two title tracks. ‘Cotton Candy’ is an absolutely adorable soft pop track. It’s easy listening, has a great beat and will put an instant smile on your face. The bass is fantastic!

‘Our Miracle’ comes next. I really like this way they described this track in the album description: “There are relationships that cannot be explained unless it is fate. Friends who are so different from each other on the parallel line of life, but end up on each other’s paths due to an accidental collision. Among countless people, I wanted to call ‘us’ a miracle.” The track is an absolute vibe. The instrumentals are so COOL! I love this.

Next up

Following that is ‘Sleep Well’. This track is soothing and heart warming. It’s giving ‘white-blouse-on-a-very-windy-mountain’ vibes and honestly I adore it. It’s very wholesome and the catharsis is welcome in the bridge.

The second and last title track is ‘Letter’. This is another sweeping ballad that will have you swaying from left to right. Jinyoung’s voice fits ballads so well. I really liked the strings here, especially with the bass mixed in.

Overall ‘Chapter 0: WITH’ by Jinyoung is really well done and a very successful solo debut.

Go ahead and listen to it here.

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