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[Review] BIBI – Life is a Bi…

R&B singer BIBI is back with her new EP ‘Life is a Bi…‘. Earlier this year she released the single ‘Eat My Love‘ and had us all looking forward to her next release.

The previews of this EP looked amazing, so let’s dive right into the music!

Life is a Bi…

Synth and bass welcomes listeners in ‘Umm… Life‘, with this track BIBI went edgy with a sonorous track that was powerful and topped up by her stunning vocalization.

The first title track in the EP comes next, ‘BAD SAD AND MAD‘ goes off with synths and a musical arrangement that gave me electro-pop vibes. She really goes in and gives it all in the line “You Red My Mind” with her best heavy rock vocals.

The music video has references to BDSM but it was very well-done. Viewers can get the idea but the aesthetics in the shots, her outfits and her facial expressions take over. Watch it below.

PIRI the dog‘ is next and BIBI’s singing is quite airy like a whisper. Her delivery is SMOOTH in this track and the backing vocals are super cool.

Water drops and electronic beats introduce ‘Birthday Cake‘, and I am in love with how alternative and unique this song is, it flows slowly and smoothly with violin instrumentation that was the cherry on top.

Last on this release is the second title track ‘Life is a Bi…‘, and we get a flawless R&B song that mixes electronic beats with strings instrumentation. This track felt so short, I would have loved it if they had included some piano orchestration towards the end. It would have been amazing.

BIBI announced that for this EP she would released a couple of videos, keep and eye on YouTube for that, and make sure to listen to this release here.

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