DKZ’ JAECHAN solo debut is here! After the very impressive pre-release soft-pop single ‘Time’ and creating a lot of hype around this release, he finally dropped the mini-album ‘JCFACTORY‘.

He participated in the writing and composition of all the singles, and we are excited to listen to this new era in JAECHAN’s career. Let’s dive in!


The title track ‘Hello‘ kicks off this mini-album with melodic rapping and a touch of autotune. He went quite urban/hip-hop with this song and it definitely shows a different side of him. For the music video, he makes sure to convey the feelings of the song through different sets, a lot of focused shots, and pretty visuals effects. Watch it below.

Piano opens up ‘Oh Girl‘ and with this song we get soft R&B, soft singing and a wonderful instrumentation that makes this song a very pretty listen. Nathania is featured in the next single ‘MAYB‘, this single is all about soft R&B with an indie touch, the acoustic guitar and full flow of this single made it romantic a super charming to listen to.

EDM and Hip-Hop meet in ‘Replay‘, for this song we also get slightly enhanced vocals and a killer rap flow. The instrumentals added in this single were surprising and super smooth, definitely a very cool listen. Closing this release is the pre-released single ‘Time‘, ending it on a very soft and pretty note.

JAECHAN definitely surprised us with this mini-album, he showed totally new colours and his incredible talent. Listen to this release here.

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