Photo Credits: WM ENTERTAINMENT Inc.

Lee Chaeyeon shows her moves in ‘The Move: Street’

Lee Chaeyeon is back with her first single album ‘The Move: Street‘, and with this one she is ready to rock the stage with impressive performances and her moves.

The opening track ‘Intro Shangri-La‘ samples Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’, and opens this release on a very summery, tropical and fun vibe. The title track ‘LET’S DANCE‘ follows up with a moombahton rhythm and catchy flow that is indeed perfect to dance to. As we expected for the music video, she not only shows her clean visuals but also her dancing skills in a very clean and cool choreography. Watch it below.

Last in this single release is ‘Cave‘, shaking things up with a unique tempo and a rather dark feel. Chaeyeon’s vocals in this song are very impressive, and the layering super dope. This single could have been also a solid title track, and we would love to see what type of dance would be done to this tune, we are sure it would be dope.

Chaeyeon’s single album was surprising in many ways. She totally killed it with three singles with completely different styles joined by her amazing delivery and vibe. Listen to this release here.

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