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[Review] Heo Hoy Kyung – Memoirs

Heo Hoy Kyung released her first full album ‘Memoirs’ last week and has subsequently also released a 30 minute short film for the title track ‘My Dear Love’. Heo has only been releasing music since 2021 but she has definitely made an impact on the indie scene with her songwriting and soft vocals.


We start the album with ‘I Hope You’re Well’. I absolutely adore the acoustic guitar in the instrumentation. It creates such a warm folk feeling. Heo Hoy Kyung is responsible for the lyrics, composing and arranging.

Next up is the single ‘All Alone’. This is the first of two title tracks. The flute in the instrumentation adds such an interesting depth to the single. The song is about commitment issues that hit a little too close to home. This is a lovely track that rings true and vulnerable.

The second title track ‘My Dear Love’ is the one with the 30 minute short film. If you’d like to watch the short version, you can click here. The song itself is beautiful and begs for a live moment with a live orchestra. Everything from the strings to the drums is on point.

If you have 30 minutes to spare, definitely watch the video. It’s beautifully shot and the actors did an amazing job. Honestly this is K-drama level quality.

The following track is ‘Thirst’. This ballad feels very intimate and fragile. I like how the electric guitar only came in later, after the chorus. There’s a very unique ambience created by the different layers. Heo Hoy Kyung does a wonderful job with the storytelling.

‘Naive Heart’ is next. This was co-composed and arranged by Kim Chunchu, the vocalist and guitarist of Silica Gel. I really enjoyed how this track has a touch of country with the twangy guitar in the instrumentals.

Next up

The track ‘Our Forgiveness’ was pre-released a couple of months ago. Here’s a live video, enjoy!

‘It’ll bloom again’ is an incredible uplifting track. If you’re having a hard day, listen to this for some comfort. The harmonies in the chorus are absolutely wonderful! What a wholesome moment.

‘Words’ has a beautiful balance between the different instrumentals. The spacey guitar is a delight and I love how there’s a big instrumental section. Heo Hoy Kyung’s vocals feel like a soft whisper.

Next up is ‘Set me free’. This track is surprisingly bluesy. I like how it has a bit more umph to it! The instruments are a lot thicker than in some of the previous songs and overall the song has more volume to it.

The closing track is ‘Sins of love’. We open with an organ like we’re confessing al of our sins in church. What an amazing way to close the album.

Overall Heo Hoy Kyung did a marvellous job with her album ‘Memoirs’. I’m sure that lots of listeners will enjoy the album.

Go ahead and listen to it on Spotify here.

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