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[Review] GSoul- Natural

The one and only GSoul (formerly known as Golden) is back to bless fans with his soulful singing in a brand new EP. ‘Natural‘ is a very much anticipated release, many were looking forward to it and we are glad it’s finally here.

Let’s dive into the music and the feels that are bound to be felt in this extended play.


Starting off we get ‘By My Side‘, this song has a very smooth mix of beats and instrumentals. It is on the more up-beat side, making it perfect to jam to and just enjoy it from start to finish. GSoul’s singing for this track is rhythmic and fun, and it is a really good starting point for this release.

The title track ‘Natural‘ comes up next, and for this song we go deep into his emotions. With a beautiful and captivating orchestration, this single flows organically and effortlessly. GSoul’s singing delivered all the feels conveyed in the the lyrics of this song and it is a total experience to listen to this song.

The music video as the title suggests is focused on breath-taking landscapes, candid shoots ad beautiful transitions and camera work. Check it below.

Vocals take over in ‘Free (I’m Gonna Be)‘. Honestly this song hits different. The lyrics are raw and relatable, the instrumentation used in this song is minimal and all the focus is put on the vocals and the incredible delivery of GSoul. The backing vocals towards the end just made this song even more emotional. It’s a total masterpiece.

In a total change of mood, we go onto jazzy orchestration with ‘Another Day‘. I am living for the trumpets in this song. This is the kind of track that is amazing with a live band and in person it must be a mind-blowing experience.

Lastly on this EP, is the Korean version of the title track ‘Natural‘, and the only thing left to say is that GSoul had an amazing comeback with this EP.

Each song has its own soul and the uniqueness in each of them. Make this EP a wonderful listening experience. Makes sure to listen to it here.

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