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[Review] GHOST9 – ARCADE : O

It’s been over a year since GHOST9’s last release, and their latest mini-album marks the final chapter of their exciting era Arcade. Let’s dive into the music and explore what they’ve prepared for us for the second part of this era.


The journey begins with the gentle intro track, ‘Let’s Get Lost.’ It welcomes us with soft guitar instrumentation, emotive singing, and an abundance of feelings. This track beautifully sets the mood for an album that promises to express the group’s unique colors and emotions.

The title track, ‘RUCKUS,’ follows with a captivating bassline and compelling sectioning. It boasts an infectious groove with dynamic rhythm changes and vocal shifts that leave listeners in awe. This song’s undeniable coolness will keep you coming back for more. The music video offers an excellent visual experience, featuring captivating individual shots and high-energy dance sequences. Watch it below.

B.O.M.C. (Bang On My Chest)‘ takes a powerful turn with an electrifying mix of hip-hop and EDM elements. An electric guitar seamlessly blends into various sections, and the members shine with their outstanding vocal and rap performances.

The album then ventures into a more fun and alternative soundscape with ‘Rolling Stones.’ Its 808 bass and synth line give it a unique vibe. The background vocals and well-placed beat drops infuse the track with an extra layer of coolness.

With a delightful piano introduction, ‘Love Parachute‘ brings an overdose of cuteness and bright singing. This R&B-influenced track features lovely instrumentations and intricate vocal layering.

Closing the album is the poignant single ‘Bookmark,’ a pop ballad overflowing with rich, emotional singing. The harmonies in this song are nothing short of beautiful, and the members deliver its heartfelt emotions with sincerity.

GHOST9’s mini-album is a delightful journey filled with musical surprises and a diverse range of rhythms and genres. The group continues to demonstrate their versatility and flair for delivering impactful performances. Listen to this release here.

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