Photo Credits: IST Entertainment

Hot Singles of the Week

This week, the music scene was rocked by some incredible new releases. Prepare yourself for fantastic comebacks and an impressive debut that have caught everyone’s attention.

First up, the charming Han Seung Woo released his first single album, ‘SCENE’. This delightful track embodies his signature sweetness, infused with vibrant seasonal colours and a refreshing summer vibe. You can watch the captivating music video below.

Next, GHOST9 made a lively return with their special single, ‘Awesome Day’. This track is the ultimate summer anthem, bursting with energy, charm, and a feel-good vibe that’s sure to get you dancing. The music video adds an extra layer of adorableness with its candid and heartwarming visuals.

Lastly, we have an exciting debut from YOHAN KIM, the latest artist to emerge from SM Classics (SM Entertainment). His single, ‘Hummingbird’, is a beautiful acoustic piece brimming with soul and emotion. YOHAN KIM is definitely an artist to watch out for.

That wraps up our hot single releases for the week. Let us know in the comments which track stole your heart!

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