Photo credits: FNC Ent


FTISLAND is back with their new mini-album ‘SAGE’, after 1 year and 9 months since their last comeback. Let’s dive in!


We open the mini with the title track ‘SAGE’. This was co-written by Hongki and Jae-jin. It’s a cool rock track with impressive vocals and honestly a killer instrumentation. It goes hard and is sick to listen to on full blast with your headphones.

‘All of my life’ is next. This rock ballad will have you emotionally singing along. I’m really digging the guitar in this.

After that comes ‘I’m still here’. The album description describes it as a song that “captures the mysterious loneliness of not being able to fully accept the separation from a loved one.” I enjoyed the playfulness with the tension.

‘Broken’ is a rock track that borders on grunge and feels very anarchist. Get ready to rebel! The confidence and charisma really begs for a live performance with a shredding guitar solo.

Next up is ‘Not Enough’ which brings a poppy playfulness to the album with the synths. I really liked the layering of the vocals and instrumentals in this. The whistle also adds catchiness to it. The dichotomy between the words and the rhythm is a bit unexpected, but I’m here for it.

The closing track is ‘Rising Star’ featuring G.O.P. This was the OST for the show ‘THE IDOL BAND: BOY’S BATTLE’.

Overall, ‘SAGE’ is a pretty solid mini-album by FTISLAND. Go ahead and listen to it here.

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