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ENHYPEN is back with their fourth mini-album ‘DARK BLOOD‘, it’s been a while since their last mini-album, and we are excited to listen to what they have prepared.

This mini starts a brand new era for them, we are getting a fantasy concept with a vampire undertone included. Definitely an interesting addition to the previous series. Let’s listen to the music.


A sharp harp sound and a tale-like narration begins this release in ‘Fate‘, the instrumentations added on top and constant build up creates a momentum for the vocals to kick-in half way in the intro song, the harmonies and the concept in this single is very creative and create a big opening for the next single.

Bite Me‘ comes up next and adds a surprising twist and new sound into ENHYPEN‘s discography. With a rather minimalistic composition in comparison to other title tracks by this group, this single really stands out for its fantastic sectioning, in almost three minutes, the track brings up-beat pop tunes to jam to, and heavy beat drops and make the rapping section outstanding and very mysterious. This title track is a super easy listen and very catchy, we cannot wait to see their live performance.

For the music video, vampires are out for blood but in style. The CGI, sets and aesthetics for this production go the opposite way to its minimalistic sound. The choreography, smooth effects and impressive transitions make this video quite the entertaining experience to watch, everything screams HIGH BUDGET, and it is super eye-catchy. Watch in below.

EDM and R&B meet in ‘Sacrifice (Eat Me Up)‘, and for this single they went with the sexy and mysterious vibe, this track is rich in vocals, with a very smooth flow and a touch of breathiness at the end of the verses. The concept in this song is very smooth, we love a R&B b-side, and ENHYPEN delivered.

Chacone‘ follows up with a dark tone and lingering melodies. The electric guitar and use of autotune add extra mystery to this song, this song is quite a refreshing addition to this release, very on-concept and with a unique charm.

A very unexpected twist comes up next in ‘Bills‘, this single adds the emotions into this mini-album with a sentimental tempo and a minimalistic instrumentation that allows listeners to dive into the feels in every single verse in this track.

Wrapping up this EP is the single ‘Karma‘ with a rock instrumentation and angst, this track is super hype, and a very interesting way to end this release. It is the perfect song jam to at a concert and sing-along. Very cool.

ENHYPEN deliver a great mini-album, this release is an amazing follow up to their previous era, with a lot of musical diversity, and talent. Listen to this release here.

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