Photo Credits: AI GRAND KOREA


The boys of D-CRUNCH are back with the brand new EP ‘DAYDREAM’. With every comeback they manage to surprise us with bop after bop. Let’s check the music they are gifting us with this comeback.


The title track ‘My Name‘ starts this release, and we already got an electronic dance track with great vocals and rapping. The build-up in this track is very powerful, and leaves a very strong impression. Indeed, a great choice as a title track.

The aesthetic of the music video is super cool, the transitions between sets and the styling is super good and fits the concept of this track to perfection. Watch it below.

The ballad ‘Time To Go To You‘ is next and introduced to listeners the sub-unit consisting of D-CRUNCH main vocalist Hyunwook and Hyunho. This song is made of stunning vocals and instrumentations. It is soft, and has all the feels suitable to be a drama OST.

Childlike‘ is next, this mid-tempo pop song is a super easy listen, its electronic beats and vocals are smooth and super chill.

We near the end of this mini-album with ‘Sand Castle‘, this ballad mixes piano acoustics with EDM and powerful singing, it’s emotional and quite powerful. Last on this mini-album, is the instrumental version of the title track.

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