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[Review] D-CRUNCH – Across The Universe

The boys from D-CRUNCH are finally back with their new EP ‘Across The Universe’. I’ve been waiting for this one! Let’s dive in!

Across The Universe

We start off with the title track with the same title as the EP and right from the get-go it immediately grabs your attention. What a fabulous opening track. The heavy droning bass that fluctuates as the song goes on, switching in tempo. The vocals are excellent but the rapline really elevated the whole thing. 

After that we get ‘One Word’ and honestly what a vibe. We completely transition from the hard-hitting ‘Across The Universe’ to soft guitar and even softer vocals. When the piano came in, I got actual chills. I love their harmonies and overall 10/10. 

The third track is ‘H.A.G.Y (Have A Good Young)’. This is a fun, light-hearted pop song with lovely chants and a very youthful feel. It kind of feels like a summer song.

Next up is the single ‘Flower Cup’. This absolutely stunning ballad will have you in your feels. I really dug the rapline over the slow paced backing track. The vocals though, are *chef’s kiss*.

The last track is the instrumental version of the title track ‘Across The Universe’.

Overall, I’m very happy with ‘Across The Universe’ by D-CRUNCH. I hope they reach many more fans with this one. 

You can find the EP on Spotify here.

Ilse Van Den Heede
A writer with a slight coffee addiction and a tendency to find K-Indie gems in the YouTube rabbit hole.