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CRAVITY is back with their sixth mini-album. Just a couple of weeks ago they dropped a pre-release single ‘Cheese’ with a cheerful vibe and lovely melodies, we are looking forward to listening to what they have prepared for this release.

Let’s dive in!


The pre-release song ‘Cheese‘ opens up this mini-album to brighten the mood and introduce listeners to the title song ‘Ready or Not‘ with a fun up-beat pop-rock tempo and a lot of energy. The mixing in this single and the acoustics are amazing, the rap-line totally kills it with a dynamic verse delivery, and the vocal line adds the cherry on top with power vocals and a smooth R&B bridge. The concept for the music video is a mix of comic-like animation, mixed with great dance sequences and member solo shots, showing their visuals from every angle. This MV is super fun, check it below.

Funky tunes and a vibey riff takes over in ‘MEGAPHONE‘, the change of tempos and arrangement in this song are fantastic, and the ad-libs, vocal dynamics and beat additions make it an even cooler listen.

We go EDM with ‘Vibration‘, this single brings a touch of electronic R&B that is sexy, cool and full of flawless beat transitions and drops. ‘9 o’clock‘ comes up next to bring a mix of funky tunes and synth to this mini-album. This single is a rather chill, cool and summery addition to the EP.

LOVE FIRE‘ finishes up this EP with retro-pop and lovely singing. This song is super sweet from start to end, and soft melody just add an adorable touch to this already cute single.

CRAVITY released a very fresh and cool mini-album, mixing up genres and showing their charisma in each song. Listen to this release here.

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