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[Review] CIX – OK Episode 2 : I’m OK

The guys from CIX are back with the second instalment of their ‘OK’ series.

OK Episode 2 : I’m OK‘ includes four new singles that wrap up this era for CIX. With the ‘OK’ series the emotions and feelings experienced during the youth days were the main focus. Through every single this group expressed the wandering, pains, hopes and happiness of this stage of life.

Let’s dive right into the music and find out how CIX is concluding this era.

OK Episode 2 : I’m OK

Piano instrumental begin this release in ‘Back to life‘, the vocal line takes over this single to deliver beautiful melodies along with outstanding orchestration. A stunning listen, and fascinating start.

The title track ‘Save me, Kill me‘ takes over next with an EDM/bass driven arrangement and plenty of emotions. The music video for this song follows up the storyline they started in the first release of this series, giving more background on the before and also the after. This production brings to light delicate topics, and the member did a great job at delivering the feelings of the lyrics and the story. Watch it below.

Acoustic guitar and raw vocalisation come up next in ‘Curtain Call‘, with melodic rapping, charming singing and an easy to listen flow, its calming melody and one of a kind tempo makes it a total gem in CIX discography. Last in this EP is ‘Color‘ ending the ‘OK’ series on a hopeful note, the ad-libs and acoustic sections are stunning, the perfect wrap-up for this EP.

Listen to this mini-album here.

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