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[Review] CHUU – Strawberry Rush

Our girl CHUU is back with her summer mini-album ‘Strawberry Rush’. We’re stoked, so let’s take a closer look!

Strawberry Rush

We start off with the title track of this mini; ‘Strawberry Rush’. We’re going for electro pop in this one with a cool synth line and a funky bass. This is a really cute track with a catchy hook and CHUU’s great vocals. I like it!

‘Honeybee’ is up next. This was in the album description: “about leaving behind hurt and loneliness and leaving for true love”. This is a very interesting track! We’re going for a bossa nova guitars with a heavy bassline, and a really fast tempo. I’m in love with the chorus!

After that comes ‘Daydreamer’. The drums are very forward in the instrumentals which makes for an interesting break in the album. This song is like a fairytale. I enjoyed the layering a lot and the playful synths.

We’re going for a groove with ‘Lucid Dream’. This is a fun pop track with a great bounce to it. What an enjoyable listen.

After that comes the pre-released ‘Chocolate’ and its English version.

Go ahead and listen to ‘Strawberry Rush’ by CHUU on Spotify here.

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