Photo Credits: Tango Music


Second gen group U-KISS is back with new music in their 13th mini-album ‘LET’S GET STARTED’. It has been fifteen years since their debut, and we are excited to listen the music they ave prepared for this release. Let’s dive in!


Love is You‘ opens up this release with sweet pop melodies, lovely vocals and an upbeat rhythm and is witty, cute, and bright. The perfect opening for a summer release.

The title song ‘Stay with me‘ is next with refreshing rock sound and a fantastic progression, this song leans more on the more nostalgic and passionate sound, with great singing and great instrumentals.

Next up is the 2024 version of the song ‘Man Man Ha Ni‘ (aka. ‘Am I That Easy’), for this one they definitely remastered this 2009 hit, refreshing its sound but keeping its legendary vibes.

We move one acoustic pop with ‘Beautiful you are‘, the guitar riff in this song is absolutely beautiful and it only gets better with the soft harmonies and great ad-libs. This track is 2nd gen core with a 90s touch, refreshing and extra wholesome.

Closing this release is ‘Morse Code‘, described as techno-pop this song goes off with a vibey progression, keeping the 2010s K-pop core, this song will have listeners absolutely vibing and wanting to listen more. A solid end.

UKISS delivered a solid mini-album, a total non-skip for fans looking familiar and comfort music with a modern touch. Make sure to check it out here.

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