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[Review] BOL4 – Merry Go Round

BOL4 is back to enhance our holiday season with the Christmas EP ‘Merry Go Round’. Let’s take a closer look!

Merry Go Round

We start off with the track ‘Goodbye My Love’. This is a break-up track that sounds cathartic and healthy. There’s pain in the break-up but there’s also relief in saying goodbye as you deserve better. It’s a cool listen with electric guitars and a lovely chorus that packs a punch.

Next up is the first title track ‘Snowball’. It’s a warm track ideal for the winter season. We’re getting a jazzy guitar line, retro strings and Ahn Jiyoung’s power vocals.

Next up is the second title track ‘Eternal Love’. This is a beautiful British rock track with great guitars, a cool hook and an interesting layering. I absolutely adore this!

‘Miss U, dear’ comes after that. This feels very classic BOL4, especially once the chorus kicks in. The pop rock combination is lovely and I love the vocal effect with the echo. The warped guitar lines are a great addition as well.

The closing track is ‘Love’. This is a remake of the 2019 track.

Overall ‘Merry Go Round’ is a lovely mini by BOL4. It’s perfect for the holidays and will bring a lot of warmth into your home.

Go listen to it here on Spotify.

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