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[Review] Billlie – the Billage of perception: chapter two

Rookie group Billlie is back with their third EP ‘the Billage of perception: chapter two’. They blew us away last year with their debut mini-album, and we have been looking forward to the follow up of the mysterious narrative they debuted with.

They released their second EP a few months ago with a parallel narrative, that fits in perfectly with the storytelling concept they have used since their debut.

We absolutely love what they are doing with their music, sound and concept. Let’s dive into this release.

the Billage of perception: chapter two

Synth pop starts off this release in ‘my B: the Birth of emotion‘. With this single we get a rather psychedelic synth instrumentation and very peculiar but outstanding arrangement blending EDM with instrumentals and Billlie’s vocals. This track is unexpected but a super fresh mix.

B’rave – a song for Matilda‘ comes up next, inspired by the 1988 novel ‘Matilda’. This b-side is nothing but smooth R&B meeting incredible harmonies. The instrumentals are absolutely out of this world! The mixing and layering is a blessing to the ears. The production of this single is TOP tier, and the ad-libs and backing vocals just make everything even better.

For the title track ‘RING ma Bell (what a wonderful world)‘, we get a rock track packed with ansty vibes and amazing musicality. This single is a contrast to ‘RING RING’, but instead of sirens we get drums and electric guitars that definitely deliver the same intensity and it is as surprising as their debut single.

The music video for this single follows the same angst in its concept, but the members of Billlie absolutely kill it with their performance and stunning visuals. This MV is just super cool and a fantastic follow up to their first part of this series. Watch it below.

Storytelling idols

Synth and R&B mix flawlessly in ‘$UN palace (Stroop effect)‘ and create a total vibe in this single. The track progression in this song took me by surprise, it is very fresh but it also has a city pop feel I absolutely adored.

Mcguffins – who’s the Joker?‘ brings latin beats and hip-hop to the listening experience with an incredible vocal arrangement and a unique sound that blew me away. This song is possibly one of the most experimental ones Billlie has in their discography, but they deliver in every single second.

This EP closes on a very soft note with the single ‘B@ck 3 where we Belong‘, this single was co-written by the members and it flows with a lovely guitar instrumentation and dreamy and emotional singing. It is definitely a very cute and memorable way to end this fantastic EP.

Billlie did it once again and delivered an EP that is outstanding in its own unique way, the release is musically rich, experimental and it is full of surprises in every minute of it. Listen to it here.

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