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[Review] ANNA

In this week’s KDrama review, we’re taking a trip back to 2022 to delve into one of our favorite dramas starring Suzy. Let’s dive into the captivating world of ‘ANNA‘.

Based on the novel by Jung Han-A, penned by Lee Joo-Young, and skillfully directed by Lee Joo-Young, ‘ANNA‘ revolves around the compelling journey of Lee Yu-Mi, a woman determined to rewrite her destiny.

A Tangled Web of Deception

From a tender age, Lee Yu-Mi (portrayed by Bae Suzy) has exhibited an unyielding resolve to shape her own fate. Yet, despite her efforts, circumstances never seem to align with her desires. Learning early on to conceal her true emotions, she resorts to fabricating a persona that garners favor from those around her. However, this penchant for deception only serves to entangle her further in a web of lies, constructing a life that feels increasingly distant from reality.

Following the loss of her father, Yu-Mi resolves to carve out a livelihood on her own terms, taking up employment as a maid in a wealthy household. There, she becomes enamoured with the life of Lee Anna, the family’s sole daughter. Despite her earnest efforts, Yu-Mi’s relationship with the family deteriorates, leading her to flee and ultimately assume Lee Anna’s identity in pursuit of a brighter future.

Embracing a New Identity

Yu-Mi’s fortunes improve dramatically after adopting the identity of Lee Anna. She takes on the role of Choi Ji-Hoon’s (Kim Joon-Han) wife, a prosperous businessman who enjoys the luxuries that many people aspire to. Yu-Mi, now confident in her new identity, is determined to protect her newfound happiness at any costs.

However, Ji-Hoon has his own objectives, delving into politics and putting Yu-Mi in the public front. Unknown to her, her husband’s ambitions threaten to demolish the beautifully crafted façade she has meticulously built. As tensions rise and secrets emerge, Yu-Mi becomes entangled in a gripping story of intrigue and treachery.

A thrilling story

ANNA‘ captivates viewers from the outset with its enthralling storyline, replete with unexpected twists and turns. Suzy delivers a tour de force performance, breathing life into her character with nuance and depth. With a concise runtime of just six episodes, this drama delivers an electrifying viewing experience, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats with each passing episode.

Currently available on Amazon Prime, ‘ANNA‘ promises an unforgettable journey into the depths of human ambition and deception. Check out the trailer below to get a taste of the exhilarating drama that awaits.

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