Photo Credits: EDEN Entertainment


EDEN Entertainment introduces ALL(H)OURS, their new and first boy group comprising Kunho, Youmin, Xayden, Minje, Masami, Hyunbin, and ON:N. The group makes an impactful debut with ‘ALL OURS,’ a mini-album showcasing their versatility and active participation in the creative process.

Let’s dive into their debut release.


The opening track, ‘Drift,’ immediately grabs attention with its powerful, adrenaline-pumping EDM arrangement—evoking cinematic racing vibes that set the tone for the album.

Following up is the title track, ‘GOTCHA,’ featuring robust bass and hip-hop beats that harmonize seamlessly with the group’s vocal and rap lines. The infectious hook adds an energetic layer, complemented by a visually striking music video that showcases the members’ performance skills and rebellious aesthetics. Check it below.

WAO WAO‘ takes over with an EDM-trap tempo and sick rapping. The bounce, delivery and beats mix in this single is fantastic, with the vocal line complementing and adding the cherry on top throughout the song with their harmonies and tonality.

Shifting gears, ‘Racer‘ introduces a pop-centric vibe with trendy beats, a captivating melodic line, and synth elements. The result is an irresistible bop that captures the essence of the group’s musical versatility.

Closing the debut mini-album is the self-written track, ‘ALL OURS,’ featuring a captivating synth line and showcasing the members’ individual strengths. With intriguing jazzy elements blended into a cool EDM/Synth arrangement, this track serves as a solid conclusion to the debut release.

ALL (H)OURS kicked off their career with a very interesting musical concept, that shows how well rounded this group is. Make sure to listen to this release here.

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