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[Review] Aespa – MY WORLD

Aespa is back with their third mini-album ‘MY WORLD‘, just last week the released a little sneak peek with the pre-released single ‘Welcome To MY World’ and we are looking forward to listen to what this quartet has prepared.

Let’s get right into it!


‘Welcome To MY World’ starts this release, and we are still loving how pretty this song and its music video are, you can check our review here, and watch the MV below.

Next up is ‘Spicy‘ the title track of this release, with this single Aespa brings back their powerful style and hype beats, the pre-hook harmonies and rapping are very cool, and the bridge super dope. The music video shows Karina, Winter, Ning-Ning and Giselle having their IT Girl moment in a high-school setting. The visual effect in this production are super cool, the CGI was smoothly done, and it is very eye catchy. Watch it below.

Vocalisation and airy singing starts ‘Salty and Sweet‘, this single is all about bass, cool beats, and a trippy vibe. The chorus in this single is fantastic, the harmonies and playfulness in their delivery is very cool, and their ad-libs perfection.

Summery R&B takes over in ‘Thirsty‘, this track includes some fine and delicate vocals, it is quite smooth and the tones of the members is very pretty to listen, Giselle and Karina a very lovely rhythmic rapping, that felt like the cherry on top!

Very minimalistic instrumentation begins ‘I’m Unhappy‘, this song is quite bouncy but at the same time very smooth and a slightly angsty. Definitely an odd mix that works perfectly with aespa’s unique colours and sound.

Closing this release is ‘‘Til We Meet Again‘ sharing power singing and warm instrumentals, this song is a stunning listen, the string acoustics and mixing is heart-warming and beautifully done. The perfect end!

You can listen to Aespa’s third mini-album here.

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