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Rapper In The Spotlight: Lobonabeat!

In this week’s Rapper In The Spotlight we are diving into the career of an indie rapper with an interesting style and a lot of flow. Let’s dive into Lobonabeat!’s career. 

Kim Seyoung (Lobonabeat!) debuted independently in 2017, and very little of this time is online, the few tracks available from this period are on his Soundcloud, so make sure to check it out here

His first official release was in 2019, with the release of his EP ‘Puffin’ Tape 2’. 

He followed this release with the collaborative album ‘A Collection of Traffics’ with BILL STAX, Boy Wonder, f-uryfromguxxi and BMTJ.

His next solo releases were the single albums ‘Soo Sang Hae’ and ‘walkin’ on the regular’. 

First EP

In 2020 he dropped his first EP ‘lobonatune¡’ including his pre-releases and a couple of new tracks, his usual killer flow and a lot of style.

His next release was the single ‘River Gang Skrrer Gang’, and he followed this up with the re-release of his 2017 mix tape ‘puffin’ tape 1’. 

In 2022 he came back with the EP ‘lobonatune2i’ and the single ‘river gang remix’.

Featuring hip-hop legend Paloalto, his next release ‘NNF’ brought a more chill sound into his discography, and he ended 2022 on a high note with the single ‘Birthday’ featuring BILL STAX.

His latest release is the single ‘Bang Thang’ featuring Roh Yun Ha. 

Listen to his discography here, and drop him a follow on Instagram to be up to date with his releases.

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