Offstage: Soodam Studio

We’re back with a new Offstage and this week we’re introducing Soodam Studio. Even if you’ve never heard of their name before you’ve undoubtedly seen some of the work they’re partly responsible for.

Soodam Studio

Soodam Studio is photography studio which specialises in underwater shoots. They’ve done some amazing work and have created some very iconic images that people love.

Here’s their introductory video.

The boys from A.C.E shot the concept photos of their album ‘HJZM: The Butterfly Phantasy’ here and I’m still in awe of these images. You can see how they shot the images below.

Here are some of these images.

They also revisited the studio for their next album ‘Siren: Dawn’.

It’s been literally almost three years and these images are still going strong! The entire K-pop world was shook.

The Boyz also shot here for their VCR for their performance ‘No Air (A Song of Ice and Fire)’ during ‘Kingdom’.

You can find Soodam Studio on Instagram here.

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