Photo credits: 2danji

[Indie Pick] 2danji

We’re back with a new Indie Pick and this time we’re diving into the soft world of 2danji. Let’s take a closer look!


2danji is a singer-songwriter who debuted in 2017 with the single ‘Triple’.

That year he also dropped his first EP ‘Tree’.

A couple of months, in 2018 later he came back with the EP ‘Ocean’ and then the EP ‘Flight’.

2danji’s first full album came out in 2020 and is such a soft indie folk delight. The title track ‘Seoul Video’ is lovely but I really enjoyed the echoey guitars in ‘Pandeulpandeul’.

Throughout the next two years he released quite a few singles, so here are my favorites.

His next EP was ‘W’ which came out in 2022.

Last year he released ‘Love Taxi’.

Yesterday he came out with his new mini-album ‘wet sleeves’. The title track ‘By the side of your blue eyes’ is a stunning folk ballad. The piano is incredible.

Check out this live video!

You can find the full discography by 2danji here.

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