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[Offstage] 821 Sound Studio

This week’s Offstage is all about 821 Sound Studio. 

When you think about a song, you usually think about the singer and maybe the label it comes from. If you dig a bit deeper, you’ll take a look at the lyricist and composer. However, if we take an even closer look at the credits, you can see this: ‘Mastered by’.

Mastering music is the last step in post-production. During mastering, the engineers adjust the volume level and sometimes compress or decompress certain parts. They also prepare the song for distribution to create a homogenous final result. 

That’s where 821 Sound Studio comes in. The studio consists of Kim Kihwan, the CEO and Mix engineer. There is also Kwon Namwoo who is the Mastering engineer. Lee Wonil is the creative director. Lastly there are the two engineers Jang Seungho and Kim Minhee. 


Let’s take a look at what releases they’ve taken care of! It’s a lengthy list (they’ve been quite busy) so I’m just going to share my favorites. You can find the full list on their website here.

Heize – Happen

Whee In – Redd

pH-1 ft. JAMIE – 365&7

DPR IAN – Moodswing in this order

KARD – Ride on the wind

IU – Lilac


Minseo – Zero

Sam Kim – Sun and Moon

LABOUM – Between Us

Kevin Oh – Lover

LOONA – [ + + ]

Honestly, I could go on for pages and pages. I definitely recommend just browsing around their discography. It’s rather insane just how much they’ve been responsible for. 

Here’s the link to the Instagram page of 821 Sound Studio.

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