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Ode To The Artist: ONEW

We’re back with a new Ode To The Artist and this time I really wanted to take a closer look at the solo works by Onew..

We all love and know Onew from SHINee. He signed with SM Entertainment in 2006 and debuted as leader and lead vocalist of the group.

He’s done some amazing tracks with the group, but for this feature I wanted to dive into his solo works.

Onew released his first solo EP in 2018. ‘Voice‘ consisted of seven songs, including the iconic ‘Blue’.

His next solo EP came out in 2022. ‘Dice’ literally is one of his cutest tracks.

His latest comeback was the full-length album ‘Circle‘ which has amazing tracks like ‘Circle’ and ‘Caramel’ featuring Giriboy.

Onew doesn’t only sing. He also has multiple songwriting credits, has acted in a couple of series and has performed in quite a few musicals. He’s so incredibly talented!

If you’re still in doubt of his vocal prowess, feel free to watch this video to turn you into an Onew stan.

You can find his Spotify here.

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