Photo Credits: SM Entertainment

NCT WISH Comes Back with ‘Songbird’

NCT WISH is back with a new single album! In this opportunity they released the Korean version of their latest Japanese release ‘Songbird‘.

This single album kick off with the title track ‘Songbird‘, a very energetic single with lovely guitar instrumentals and beautiful vocal layering. The harmonies in this song are SOLID, and it gets better with the fantastic rapping and vocal mixing. The music video for this release if bright and cute, the pastels, graphics and performance are incredible and create a total visual trip. Check it below.

Tears Are Falling‘ follows with whisper lie singing and a great track composition, the build up in this single is very refreshing and fun, they went for a summer song concept and deliver a total seasonal bop!

NCT WISH new single album is a lovely listen, this groups keeps solidly strengthening their discography and we are thrilled to see them grow! Listen to this release here.

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