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[Review] STAYC – Metamorphic

Our girls from STAYC are back with their first full-length album ‘Metamorphic’. Let’s take a closer look!


We start the album with ‘Twenty’. We’re starting off with alternative R&B and a sick vocal line. I really enjoyed the vocal stacking and the balance between the high and low vocals. It’s a vibe!

After that comes the title track ‘Cheeky Icy Thang’. We’re going hyper pop for this one and it’s absolutely sickening!!! This is such a fun listen, it’s very fresh for the K-pop sphere and I’m obsessed with the funky synths.

‘1 Thing’ blends electro and pop in a very cool track with a “Crunk&B style” which stands for Crunk and R&B. It’s an interesting blend and creates another unique track in STAYC’s discography. It’s a bop.

We’re getting major throwback vibes with ‘Give it 2 me’ which takes us back to the early 2000s. I really liked this part of the album description “the lyrics contain a journey to live for oneself, the most precious thing of all.”

Next up is a sub-unit by Seeun, Sieun and J. ‘Find’ is a UK garage track with cool guitars in the instrumentals and a nice beat. I liked the progression throughout the track and the vibey vocals.


‘Let me know’ is a fun pop track which will have you bouncing along in no time. I’m loving the adlibs in the bridge.

‘Nada’ is a pop R&B track with a cool bell sound in the backing track. “The lyrics describe an indifferent attitude after meeting the person of your dreams but realizing that it’s nothing special.”

The next sub-unit is Sumin and Yoon who bring the song ‘Fakin”. The vocals are absolutely stunning, I loved the little vocal slides. This is such a lovely listen!

Next up is the solo track by ISA. ‘Roses’ is a very cute R&B track with super nice instruments included like the mellotron, the kalimba and more. I love how whimsical this feels.

‘Beauty Bomb’ is a very bubbly R&B track. I like how fresh this feels! The rap verse was cool and I enjoyed the balance. What an earworm!

‘Gummy bear’ has an insane opening. According to the album description this is a “trap-style beat-based Pop song with a strong synth loop from the intro as a point”. The first listen was a bit of a shock to the system, but WOW what a track!

Next up is ‘Stay WITH me’. We’re going for a pop rock track co-composed by EL CAPITXN. This track is for the fandom and the lyrics were written by the STAYC members. This is wholesome and lovely!

‘Flexing on my ex’ is a pre-released track that was performed during their tour.

The closing track is ‘Trouble Maker’. This is a Dance track with a festive ambience and a crazy tempo. I’m loving the high energy and the festival vibe.

Go ahead and listen to ‘Metamorphic’ by STAYC on Spotify here.

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