KISS OF LIFE Delivers Summer Vibes with New Digital Single Album ‘Sticky’

The girls from KISS OF LIFE are back, bringing fresh summer vibes with their new digital single album, ‘Sticky’. This release features two singles that are set to refresh your playlist this season.

The title track, ‘Sticky’, kicks off the album with an inviting instrumental that sets the stage for a perfect summer anthem. This quartet brings a refreshing blend of afrobeats paired with their signature powerful vocals. The music video takes the summer concept to another level with its performance-focused flow, showcasing a mix of sexy, cool, and laid-back vibes. It’s a visual treat you won’t want to miss.

Next up is the b-side, ‘Te Quiero’, which expands KISS OF LIFE’s sound even further. This track is rooted in Latin rhythms, featuring captivating guitar instrumentals and fantastic layering. It stands out with its unique composition, combining dramatic and romantic elements with a touch of passion. The members’ tones elevate the song, making it a deeply engaging listen.

KISS OF LIFE has once again delivered solid music, perfect for the summer. These two singles are quintessential summer tracks, and we’ll be playing them on repeat throughout the season. Don’t miss out on this refreshing release. Check it out here!

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