Photo credit by Magic Strawberry Sound

MV Rec: Okdal – Beautiful as you are

Okdal is a crazy talented duo and this song ‘Beautiful as you are’ has been in my playlists forever. It’s absolutely beautiful and has an amazing message. 

The vocals are fantastic and the song makes me feel so soft. What I particularly love about this video though, is the inclusiveness. 

We have a gay couple, who are in real life together. We have a girl that’s speaking in sign language. There’s old and young and even a mixed race couple. This entire video and song go hand in hand and should be put in the dictionary under the word ‘wholesome’. 

“Don’t think you are wrong in any way
you are beautiful just as you are
don’t try to change or decide who you are
you are so special
from the moment your parents met eyes
from then you were already perfectly made”

Just watch the video ‘Beautiful as you are’ by Okdal and spread the love y’all. Be sure to turn the captions on!

You can find the song on Spotify here. If you want to read more about Okdal, you can click here.

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