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Monthly Hip-Hop and R&B DisKovery – May 2023

Our monthly discovery is back with new music. May surprised us with comebacks from artists who need a lot more hype. A few of them are new discoveries and other ones we want to share, because their music is just amazing. Let’s dive in!

We started the month with smooth hip-hop from Dana Kim, her latest mini-album ‘Situationship’ includes features by the lovey meenoi, and a few of our favourites including Woo. This EP is a non-skip full of smooth beats. 

You can find her Instagram here to stay up to date with her release, and listen to this release here

Neulbo is a new discovery who has been in the industry for a while, his latest single  ‘Umm’ with Sushiwishfish and featuring TANGTHEAWESOME is a smooth piece of music that left us intrigued, make sure to keep an eye on his work, you are in for a surprise, here is his Instagram

Listen to this release here.

0Wave crew member Yukon released his first mini-album ‘My Imperfections’ with an impressive mix of beats and an alternative sound we loved. The single ‘same’ however, earned a memorable mention with its rawness, soft sound and beautiful lyrics.

Here is his Instagram if you want to drop him a follow, and listen to this album here

Another discovery was the producer Padi. His single album ‘Answer Answer’ caught our attention after seeing none other than Lee Hi and Thama as features in this release, and as expected we got served with smooth music. 

Here is his Instagram, and you can listen to this release here

That’s a wrap for this month’s discovery, head over to our Spotify playlist to listen to our favourite releases. 

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