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MAMAMOO+ drops ‘Act 1 Scene 1’

Moonbyul and Solar from MAMAMOO+ are back with their new single album ‘Act 1 Scene 1’. This comes a week after their pre-release single ‘Chico Malo’ which we wrote about here.

The first track is also the title track is ‘GGBB’ which stands for good girl, bad boy. We’re going to the doo-wop origins of Mamamoo and I’m obsessed. The funky piano moments, the groovy bass and the brass in the backing track which is perfectly balanced with Solar and Moonbyul’s vocals. The dance break moment literally caught me so off guard, on the other hand, this feels very them so I can’t be mad about it.

After that comes ‘Chico Malo’. This version does not include Kim Junsu from the pre-release.

‘LLL’ is a lovesong to MooMoos. This track is adorable and soft and full of little quirky instrumentals. I love the fact that we’re getting more of Moonbyul’s singing! The difference between her high singing and her low rap tone was amazing!

Overall ‘Act 1 Scene 1’ is a very fun single album by MAMAMOO+. I’m very excited to see where they go next.

Go ahead and listen to it here on Spotify.

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