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Label Deep Dive: Pyrat

In our monthly Label Deep Dive, we shine the spotlight on a relatively new player in the Korean music industry. With a deliberate and strategic approach to talent acquisition, this label has quickly risen, boasting an impressive roster of artists who have captivated audiences. Today, we embark on a journey to uncover the latest gem in the Korean music scene – Pyrat, a label that’s making waves.


Pyrat, a label that set sail in the music seas of 2022, made its grand entrance with a captivating announcement: Minit, a rising artist, would be the agency’s inaugural talent. This news sent ripples of excitement through the music community, leaving fans eager for what lay ahead. But Pyrat’s ambitions didn’t stop there. Shortly after this groundbreaking announcement, the label welcomed yet another rising star into its fold, PATEKO.

As Pyrat marked its inaugural year on the Korean music scene, the label continued its impressive streak by unveiling another exciting addition to its roster: Jayci Yucca, a promising talent set to embark on a thrilling journey with Pyrat.

But that wasn’t all the news Pyrat had up its sleeve. The label annouced along with this new addition, the release of Jayci Yucca’s single, ‘Black Eye,’ featuring Gist and Rakon. This announcement reverberated through the industry, leaving music enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the sonic magic that this dynamic trio would undoubtedly bring to their ears.

At the end of 2022, they announced the group/crew 0Wave including Aiboy, Mods, Viin, Wooseojun and Yukon, would be joining the label and releasing their first EP ‘Off The Wall’.

This group would not only be releasing music together but also individually under the label, being the first one Viin with the mixtape ‘The Car’.

In a remarkably short span of time, Pyrat has transcended expectations, increasing its status in the Korean music scene. With each passing day, the talents nurtured under this visionary label continue to increase in popularity, captivating audiences.

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