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We’re back with the latest Korean Indie chart. Let’s take a closer look at chart of the top hits from the K-indie world from the month of August.

Newcomers to this list are Band Nah, Jeon Jin Hee and Dept’s full-length album ‘Persona’. Let’s take a closer look at these three new releases.

Band Nah – Festival

This almost ten year old band has dropped their latest EP ‘Festival’.

I really like how they described the album in the description: “I hope that while listening to it, it will be a time where you can gain complete strength, even if it is only a small amount.

The EP [Festival] gives us the courage to think that we can survive if we have each other. This album will make the time we spend together even more precious. I hope this becomes your festival.”

Most of these tracks were pre-released as singles over the years like the singles ‘Love Love Love’ and ‘Sing!’.

The EP has a double title track. The first one is ‘Festival’ after which the album was named. I absolutely adore this track. It’s fun, has a lot of heart and as always I’m a complete sucker for any choir additions. I really liked the vocals and the brass additions.

Be sure to turn the captions on for the full effect.

The other title track is ‘Someday’. They released this last month alongside this live performance.

Overall the EP ‘Festival’ is a delight to listen to and has earned its well deserved spot in the Top 10. Listen to the release on Spotify here.

Jeon Jin Hee – Without Anyone Knowing

For a complete shift in vibe and ambience we follow along to the next newcomer on the Top 10. Jeon Jin Hee has already been one of our favorites with her melodic singing and her beautiful vocals.

This is her third full album and “contains the waves of love she has been talking about, the afterimages of separation, and the quiet but earnest desire for a life that follows, and yet we live in love.”

The opening track ‘Words of a Song’ immediately leaves you stunned by its beautiful piano, the soft vulnerable vocals and her earnestness.

‘Without Anyone Knowing’ also has a double title track. ‘Should We Leave’ is the first. The addition of the strings in this one will literally leave you bawling your eyes out.

The second title track is ‘A Trivial Story’. This one has a bit more lightheartedness to it. The piano takes on a jazzier style and the vocal layering create a softer tone.

The album also has three featured tracks. There’s ‘Don’t Say You Love Me’ featuring Parkjiyoon. Deulrejang is featured on ‘It Won’t be Anything Anyway’ and then there’s Lee Young Hoon on ‘Unable to speak that we miss each other’. I particularly liked the track with Lee because of the electric guitar and how rich their vocals sounded together.

One of the last tracks on the album is ‘Flow’ which is a stunning instrumental piece of piano and violin.

After lsitening to the full album, I was left a bit of an emotional wreck but Jeon Jin Hee knows how to tell a story, have you feel it, but then also leave you healed a bit at the end. Go listen to this album on a quiet day.

Dept – Persona

The last release in the August K-Indie Chart Top 10 is the album ‘Persona’ by Dept. First of all, this album cover is beautiful! Dept’s entire discography is filled with stunning album covers, so definitely check those out.

The album starts with ‘Ghost’. We’re going for a pop rock vibe with this one.

Cindy Zhang is the feature on ‘Galaxy’. This is actually such a lovely track. Zhang’s vocals are stunning and the addition of the electric guitar in the chorus adds such a great dynamic.

We’re going for a summer vibe in ‘Universe’ featuring Kelsey Kuan and J.O.Y.

I particularly enjoyed listening to ‘Persona’ featuring Gareth Fernandez and Kelsey Kuan. This was absolutely lovely and Gareth’s vocals are next level.

Look at this adorable animation for the title track ‘Palette‘ featuring Ashley Alisha.

This entire album is super uplifting, has great lyricism and stunning vocalists. Go listen to ‘Persona’ by Dept on Spotify here.

That was it for this August K-Indie Chart. See you next month!

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