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Label Deep Dive: MYSTIC STORY

For this week’s Label Deep Dive, we wanted to talk about the home of one of the most legendary girl groups Brown Eyed Girls. Many know this company for the impressive list of actors they have signed under them, however, this time we want to talk about its music division and it sub-labels. Let’s dive into Mystic Story.

Formerly know as MYSTIC Entertainment and Mystic89, MYSTIC STORY originated in 2011. Its founder is the singer-songwriter and producer Yoon Jong Shin.

In 2014 this agency went through some big changes, starting with the merge with the talent management agency Family Actors Entertainment, bringing a long list of talent. Later on that year this company also merged with APOP, which was home to the hit group Brown Eyed Girls.

In 2017, the majority of the shares of this label were bought by SM Entertainment, making it a subsidiary of this company, and in 2019, they rebranded to Mystic Story.

Talent Portfolio

Currently this record label is house of the band Lucy and the girl groups Brown Eyed Girls and Billlie.

Their current list of soloists include Eddy Kim, SONTAEJIN, Jeong Jinwoon, Jo Yeon Ho, Yoon Jong Shin, Gain and Miryo.

For a complete list of their artist line up head over to their website, and follow them on Instagram for updates and much more.

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