K-pop Releases This Week

Today, Jimin Park is dropping a mini album with JYP before she leaves the entertainment company. I’m so ready for her to make us all fall in love with her vocals all over again. There’s some good stuff coming out this week. Check out the article to know which K-pop releases to look forward to.

I just want to point out her performance in the music show ‘Vocal Play’. They did a cover of ‘This Is Me’ from the soundtrack of ‘The Greatest Showman’. 

Sunmi is coming back with a new single on Tuesday. It has only been a couple of months since her latest single ‘Noir’ and the queen is already preparing to kill us all over again. The single ‘Lalalay’ was written by herself and she also helped with the composing. 

Another release I’m looking forward to on Tuesday is the debut of X1. The idol group was formed during the ruthless competition ‘Produce 101’. The teaser images all looked adorable and even though I have only seen bits and pieces of the show itself, I’m ready for a new mini-album to put on repeat. 

Tuesday is going to be crazy, because there’s a third comeback happening. Peniel from the group BTOB is releasing a digital single ‘FLIP’ featuring Beenzino.

It’s been a good month for idol groups playing instruments. We had a day6 comeback, The Rose released a new song and now ONEWE is also releasing a new single. Thursday our ears will be blessed with the smooth vocals and acoustic instruments. 

If you want to know what I’m talking about, listen to this.

Last but definitely not least, on Wednesday Crush is coming back with a new single! ‘Nappa’ will be his first release since he signed under P Nation. We are hella excited for this one.

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