K-pop Releases This Week

Alright, when I mentioned last week that October was crazy, this is what I meant. Get ready guys.

Today already we’re expecting four comebacks/debuts.

TXT is releasing their first album. I can’t help but feel so proud of these boys. Just look at their Harry Potter themed teaser.

Then the boys from NU’EST are also releasing new stuff. Their 7th EP ‘The Table’ will be sure to get many hearts racing. 

VAV is bringing out the fire with their 5th EP ‘POISON’.

Tuesday is just as bananas, if not more.

We have comebacks from the kings of Day6 with their 5th EP.

Then there’s also the queen Taeyeon who’s blessing the world with her second album.

YoungJae, former member of B.A.P. is releasing his second EP. 

There’s also a new girl group debuting; ICU is coming out with a debut single ‘Cupid’. I just have to say they look absolutely adorable.

One of my favorite K-Indie artists is also having a comeback. Cacophony will be releasing her new single ‘Return’ on Tuesday with the MV dropping on the day after.

Wednesday is another big day.

Car, the garden is releasing their second full album ‘C’. 

Winner will be coming out with their third EP.

Also AIVAN is blessing us with a single release: ‘Knotted Wings’.

Thursday is less crazy, thank god.

The girl group ARIAZ will be debuting with ‘Grand Opera’. I might be completely obsessed with this concept. I’m somewhat reminded of Fragonard paintings and the rococo movement in oil paintings.

Friday the girl duo MUSKY is releasing a digital single. The teaser looks ‘Fire’.

Jackson Wang is also coming out with another solo EP. I’m not ready. ‘Bullet To The Heart’ was already so amazing!

Are you tired? Because I’m tired. #RIPFans

Ilse Van Den Heede
A writer with a slight coffee addiction and a tendency to find K-Indie gems in the YouTube rabbit hole.