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K-pop Releases This Week

Another Monday means another week filled with amazing K-pop Comebacks and Releases. Let’s dive in to see who’s coming back this week!


Ateez is blessing us with new music.


MC Mong is dropping a full album.

YUKIKA is releasing a mini-album.

The boys from VERIVERY are back!


iKON is dropping a new single.

RAIN is coming out with a mini-album.

Super Junior are releasing their tenth full album.

Demian is coming out with a new single.


The co-ed group CHECKMATE will be back with new music.

Park Jihoon is dropping a new single featuring Lee Hi and produced by Primary.

IZ will be coming out with their first digital single. The MV will be released the following week.


The girl group G-reyish are coming out with new music.

That’s it for the K-pop releases this week. Stay tuned for our reviews that are coming out on the same day as the scheduled release.

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