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K-pop Releases This Week

We’ve listed all of the K-pop Releases and Comebacks for you so that you don’t miss anything! Just a fair warning, the overall month of June is going to be super busy with tons of new releases, so stay tuned for our reviews!

Let’s dive in!


Our favorite girls from TWICE are releasing their new EP ‘More & More’.

Lee Yejoon is releasing her single ‘From Hi to Goodbye’.

Lay is releasing his fourth mini-album ‘LIT’.


The boys from VICTON are back with their new album ‘Mayday’. Legit, the teaser pictures had me shook. They look stunning!

The Solutions will be releasing their new EP ‘LOAD’.


APRO, the latest addition to Colde’s label Wavy, will be dropping a new single.


Bang Ye Dam will be releasing his first solo track. ‘WAYO’ was written by Winner’s Seungyoon and AKMU’s Chanhyuk.


The new boygroup will be having their debut with their first single album ‘Burn It Up’. Originally it was supposed to be released last week, but they had to delay it.

That’s it for this week’s K-pop Releases and Comebacks. It’s bound to be a great week. Stay tuned for our reviews, we aim to release those on the same day of said release. Happy Listening!

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