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K-pop Releases This Week

We’re back with a new week of hits from all the K-pop Releases and Comebacks we can expect. Take a look at the list.


Hong Eunki from Produce 101, will be releasing his first solo EP ‘Undefinable Love’.


SeJeong from Gugudan will be coming out with her first solo EP. It sounds so soft you guys.


There’s a new boy group debuting! TOO (Ten Oriented Orchestra) who came together through a survival show, will be dropping their music video of their mini album.

South Club will be releasing a new single ‘To My Friends’.

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3/18 6:00PM NEW SINGLE

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Jackson Wang will be dropping the single ‘100 WAYS’.


The girl group Purplebeck will be releasing their EP ‘Starry Night’.

That’s it for the K-pop Releases this week. Stay tuned for the reviews that are inevitably coming. We’ll be hyping all these artists up behind the scenes. Being a multistan is hard y’all.

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