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K-pop Releases This Week

We’re back with a list of all the K-pop Releases and Comebacks. There’s quite a few this week, so stay tuned for quite a few album reviews.


Ravi from VIXX will be releasing his new album ‘El Dorado’.

The boy group SPECTRUM is releasing three new singles.


Yeeun Ahn, a solo artist, is dropping her third album. Check out this teaser because it sounds incredible.

Gaeko from Dynamic Duo is collabing with Heize, and I’m already in love. If you want to discover more about Heize, go check out our episode of DisKovery With A K.

LUNA from former f(x) will be releasing a new single. 


Girl group ELRIS is dropping their mini album ‘Jackpot’.

The brand new boy group XENEX will be debuting with their single ‘It’s gonna hurt’. Go show them some love on their Twitter.


The boys from MCND are finally releasing their first mini album ‘Into The Ice Age’. We are STOKED.


Chung Ha will be dropping a new single for the New.Wav project.

That’s it for K-pop Releases and Comebacks. Stay tuned because there’s a lot of fun content coming your way. 

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