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K-pop Releases This Week

We’re back with all the K-pop comebacks and releases that are being dropped this week.  Multistans, we’re gonna be dead y’all…


SechsKies will be dropping their EP ‘All For You’. Check out the teaser:

Super Junior is releasing the repackaged version of their latest album ‘TIMELESS’. 

Also releasing a guaranteed new bop is Jooyoung ft. Jo Hyun Ah and Beenzino with the song ‘Door’. 


Lee Hae Ri from Davichi is dropping a solo EP ‘from h’. I’m expecting quality vocals y’all.

Golden Child is dropping the repackaged version of their album and they’re dropping a new MV for the song ‘Without You’ and my goodness! Just listen to this teaser:

Siyeon from DreamCatcher will be releasing her first solo single ‘Paradise’. We stan!


HYUKOH is blessing us with their new album ‘through love’. If you want to discover more about this god tier indie rock band, check out our podcast about them. They’ve had a live-stream up on their YouTube channel for like more than a week, so go give that some love. 

OnlyOneOf is dropping something new, I’m guessing it’s a new MV for one of the tracks of their latest EP. If you want to read that review, click here. I am super stoked for this because their MV’s are stunning and so conceptually strong. 

YEZI is coming out with a new single ‘My Gravity’.


Hyolyn is also releasing something new, but to be honest I have no idea if it is a single or an EP because the teasers are rather vague, though they look stunning. 

IZ is dropping a new single album.

That’s it for this week’s K-pop comebacks and releases. It’s a lot packed into a couple of days but stay tuned because we’ll be writing plenty about the new bops.

Ilse Van Den Heede
A writer with a slight coffee addiction and a tendency to find K-Indie gems in the YouTube rabbit hole.