K-pop Releases This Week

It is going to be a hell of a week for multi-stans, I can tell you that. Here are all the comebacks announced for this week. 

BROWN EYED SOUL is dropping a single featuring SOLE. The song, dropping on Monday, is called ‘Right’. The teaser makes it sound like a very retro ballad, so I’m really looking forward to it. 

Then on Tuesday, there’s a big, big name coming back to the stage. The rapper Jang Woo-Hyuk, a member of the first generation Idol group H.O.T. is releasing the digital single ‘Stay’. 

A couple of other big rappers are releasing a new song as well. Simon Dominic will be releasing ‘Make Her Dance’, from the teaser it sounds like it’s going to be a reggaeton inspired track. Loopy and Crush are the features and I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be fire. 

The last comeback on Tuesday is MIND U. They were previously known as Acourve, but re-named themselves after signing with a new agency. All of my fellow indie friends can be very, very happy that they’re releasing new music. Their voices are amazing. I don’t know if it’s going to be a single or a mini-album, because their Twitter was quite vague, but they’re releasing something for sure. 

Now Wednesday, my girl Wheein from Mamamoo is releasing a solo song. I’m sure that her vocals will be on full display on ‘Soar’. I am stoked for this one. 

VANNER, a boy group is dropping the single album ‘5cean: V’ on Wednesday as well. The five member group had their debut in Korea in February. Interestingly though, they had their Japanese debut in 2018. Usually it’s the other way around. 

On Thursday, solo artist Kassy is releasing a mini album. The title of that one is ‘Rewind’. Kassy has an OST called ‘Good Morning’ for the K-drama ‘Fight For My Way’. She was also on Unpretty Rapstar, but was unfortunately eliminated in the third episode. 

Here’s the video, if you’re curious.

Another comeback that I’m very curious about is the single Colde is releasing on Thursday. Now the title of the song is: ‘ 마음대로 ‘. I put it through Google Translate and it means something as ‘as you please’. If you want to find out more about Colde, you can try checking out our Diskovery With A K episode.

Now Friday will be a very busy day.

The girls from CLC will be coming back with a digital single: ‘Devil’. 

IONE, former member of the disbanded group SPEED is also releasing an album. 

WeGirls is releasing a mini album. The teaser pictures have a very summery vibe. Last week the girls had their one year anniversary since their debut. 

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