K-pop Guide: London

K-pop has gained a lot of popularity over the world and we love that people are taking an interest in the K-wave and loving it as much as we do at M.E.A.L. Seeing this, we decided to start a journey where we will show you the best shops in different cities in Europe to get a hold of your favourite group’s merch and maybe even meet people who love Korean Music as much as you do.

In today’s article we are featuring one of my favourite cities to visit. London is such a beautiful and diverse city that we had to start this new segment showing our favourite K-Shops around the city.

Let’s start this journey with Seoul Bakery a shop located near Tottenham Court Road underground station. This store is super cool and all K-pop fans that visit it are able to leave a message on the walls. Maybe bring your own marker though. Besides offering posters, albums and other K-pop merch in their basement store, they also sell Korean food on their top floor and by the look of the queue outside it must be very good.

Second on the list we have Sokollab located in Soho. This shop offers albums and merch of mainstream Korean pop acts. They also sell quite a bit of K-beauty, so make sure to pop in and check the cosmetics range they offer. I have used a couple of them and they are super good for healthy and glowing skin. 

Close to Sokollab you can find one of my personal favourites Oseyo, in this shop you can find a mix between K-pop merch, Korean food and drink and cosmetics. Their variety of merch isn’t that big, but they make it up with the lovely, warm veggie buns they sell (I’m a foodie).

Last on the list we have a shop that doesn’t sell merch exactly, they only sell posters of your favourite well known groups. K-pop is a Korean restaurant located near Oxford St. and here you can enjoy some yummy food whilst listening to your favourite K-pop tunes. 

We really hope that in the future we will be able to see more K-pop shops with more diverse merch, but in the meanwhile check out these really cool spots in London. You won’t regret it.

Let us know if you know of any new K-Pop shop in London, we would love to visit!

Here’s a video we made of the stores. Go check it out!