Jay and Jungmo of Trax
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[Time Capsule] TraxX – Blind

We’re back with another music capsule, and this time we’re listening to ‘Blind‘. This rock ballad by TraxX was released in the EP of the same name in 2011. It’s a lovely and memorable song and it definitely does not deserve to fade into obscurity. So, here we are!

Back in 2011 TraxX were simply known as TRAX, an acronym of the original members’ nicknames… aka “Typhoon Rose Attack Xmas”. We really can’t make this stuff up. The band had a bit of a rocky path; debuting in 2004 with 4 members, by 2008 only the singer (Jay) and guitarist (Jungmo) were left. During their run as a duo between 2009-2011, they released some of their most notable songs. ‘Blind‘ was among them, as was their undoubtedly biggest hit ‘Oh! My goddess’. If the name raised your eyebrow and you’re wondering like me, no, there doesn’t seem to be any connection to the popular manga of the same name.

Unfortunately, after 2012 they went into a long hiatus, mainly due to other collaboration opportunities, and of course, military service. In 2018, DJ and producer Ginjo joined the band. The name was refashioned as TraxX, and the style shifted from rock to EDM. I admit that was not a move I was fond of, as the sound was completely different from what we fans had come to know and love in their earlier years. With this line-up, they only released one single before the two original members left SM Entertainment in 2019 after their contracts expired. At the moment they are effectively, even if unofficially, disbanded.


I first heard this song soon after it was released, and it’s been stuck in my head for the last 10 years. Honestly, it deserves far more love than it got, as did these boys. Jay’s crisp and melodic vocals truly shone in the bands more rock songs; just another reason why switching to EDM made no sense imho. The video clip aesthetic -and the hairstyles- is unmistakable early 2010s, and I am so here for that vibe. Grandmas of k-pop where we at?

But enough from me! Let’s enjoy the song:

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