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We’re back with the latest K-Indie Chart, fresh off the presses, and this time we’re taking a look at the best-sellers of October. Let’s take a closer look!

Photo credits: M&N

The newcomes of this chart are ‘Yellow Supernova Remnant’ by TOUCHED, ‘Hard To Explain’ by Nerd Connection and ‘DAWN’ by NUITNUIT.

Let’s take a closer look at these new albums.

Yellow Supernova Remnant – TOUCHED

This mini-album was released at the end of September and has clearly swept listeners away. TOUCHED are a five-member band consisting of Yunmin (Vocal & Guitar), Kim Seungbin (Drums), John B. Kim (Bass), D.on (Guitar), and Chae Dohyeon (Keyboard).

The opening track is ‘Stand Up!’. This is so rad. They’re singing about the boring repetitive life that can only be changed by switching up your perspective. I love how they’re playing with the rhythm. I’m absolutely in love!

‘Night View’ came with a new music video. This is such an excellent track. The vocals are super solid, the guitars are a ride and the drums are impeccable. I love how everything comes together to create such a dynamic number.

‘Fireflies’ comes up next and we’re switching things up a bit. This one is a lovesong and it’s delightful! The switches between hard rock and the softer verses are delightful and create a fun dynamic.

Shut Down’ talks about toxic beauty standards and how you have to stop comparing yourselves to others to start living. It’s sweet and has a beautiful message. The melody is also absolutely lovely.

For the closing track ‘Bad Sniper’ we’re going the hard rock route again. This opening is such a cool moment. This one speaks about toxic internet culture. It’s so freaking cool. Honestly I’m in love with this group.

Go check them out on Spotify here.

Hard To Explain – Nerd Connection

The group Nerd Connection released this new mini-album midway through september and I have very high expectations for this release. I was pretty obsessed with their 2021 album ‘New Century Masterpiece Cinema’. Let’s take a closer look!

The mini starts off with ‘Planet Earth’ which is a really cool hard rock track. It’s quite short, running just over two minutes.

The following track ‘Stand Up’ is the first of two title tracks. I like this one a lot. The guitars are super cool and there’s quite a bit of groove to this one. The bass is doing an excellent job here.

‘Hi, Drunk!’ is up next. This is a pretty sick rock track with grungy guitars and a chorus that makes you want to shout along to.

After that comes the remake of ‘I robbed a bank’ of their single they released in May of this year.

The closing track is ‘Been this way’. This is the second title track and has really lovely vocals. I love the vocal inflection and the chord progression. ‘Been this way’ is a super solid rock track that will linger on.

Listen to the mini-album here.


NUITNUIT is back witth her first full-length album ‘DAWN’.

‘We gonna be’ opens this album with a very lovely synth pop track. The layering of this is really fun and NUITNUIT’s vocals are super soft and mellow. This is the first of two title tracks.

The following track ‘SomeSummer’ was pre-released last year.

Next up is ‘How About You?’ This is a very dreamy track with cool synths and lovely layering of vocals. The lyrics are about someone who’s wondering about their ex on how theye are doing now, after some time has past.

‘Your Day’ is the second title track. This is such a warm song with well-wishes for another person while you’re still struggling yourself. The song feels a bit oldschool actually, which makes for an interesting listen. I enjoyed the warm guitar and the strings a lot in the instrumentation.

‘Don’t think twice’ is the remake of her 2019 single release. This is such a groovy song, there’s a bit of Bossa Nova rhythm to the track. The guitar solo was amazing. This is a really lovely listen!

Next up is ‘I’m like that’. The bass in this one is really good. It adds a lot of depth to the track. The lyrics are quite sad and speak about wanting to be loved.

Sailing‘ adds a bit of ‘schwung’ to the album. We’re going back to synth pop and there’s a very dense instrumentation.

The opening of ‘Whenever That’ had me pause for a moment. It’s such an impactful moment. I like the instrumentation of this one a lot. There’s another guitar solo that really does wonders. NUITNUIT’s vocals are beautifully done.

‘Fever’ is a cute track with great guitars, speaking about a very hot day.

The closing track of the album ‘Dawn, you’ opens up with a beautiful piano moment. This is a goodbye in more ways than one and it’s really delicately done.

You can listen to ‘DAWN’ by NUITNUIT on Spotify here.

That was it for this October K-Indie Chart. Till next month!

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