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An Album Made in an Attic

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Singer-songwriter WOO JEE WON has finally dropped her first studio album [Homeground], consisting of 10 folk songs with ambient music elements. The new album was all recorded in a converted attic. Click here to listen to the full album!

Not many would have expected this kind of album coming from WOO JEE WON, since her former music was more pop-like, for example, ‘5 in the morning’. However she was the member of acoustic duo ‘HAIL’, so it wasn’t that random. Thus, you can say [Homeground] is the result of WOO’s whole music career.

The title song ‘I said I love you’ starts with a car door opening sound and all kinds of car sounds – gear shifting and turn signal sounds – are used throughout the song till the end. As the MV shows, it feels like you’re on a car with WOO JEE WON.

WOO JEE WON on ‘Sing Again’ as No.71 Singer – WOO made her own name by appearing on JTBC ‘Sing Again’, getting chosen by Eana Kim.

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Mool – refraction of water
– Imperfection is perfection

90idle – sosobad
– Old school K-R&B is back!

SGO – How are you
– About the little moments that make your life so precious!

Jeonghoon Kim – Mademoiselle
– Dreams are cruel but beautiful

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‘Soul Queen’ BMK is back with her first single [Life Goes On] after two years. With ‘Life Goes On’, BMK conveys a message that life has joy, sadness, hope and despair, so you must feel every moment and move forward, as the title of the song suggests. The song features RGP, a reggae duo composed of HAHA and Skull, and they literally vibe to the song.

The MV features Cho Hyun-chul, who gained recognition at ‘Hotel del Luna’ and ‘D.P.’

There’s another piece of good news for the fans who have been waiting for her new song. Her full album [33.3] will be released on December 1! The album, which will consist of nine full songs, is raising a lot of expectations.

She has also been highly active in <I Am A Singer> – the survival music program by professional singers. Let’s listen to her hit ‘When flowering spring comes’.