And we’re back with a brand new edition of the K-Indie Chart of the month of February. Let’s take a closer look at the latest newcomers to see what we can spruce up our playlists with for a solid K-Indie listening experience!

This month we have a couple of newcomers like Isaac Hong, Lucia and TOUCHED. And I am totally living for the quality! These artists are awesome!

I’ve been obsessed with Lucia for years since her release of ‘Song of a candle dripping’ which came out in 2017.

It’s not the first time TOUCHED has appeared on the K-Indie Chart. If you go back to the October issue, you can read our full review for the EP there.

Isaac Hong has mesmerized me with his low vocals since his OST for the series ‘Stranger from hell’ which was honestly the perfect combination. He also participated in ‘Superband’ which honestly rocked my world.

Let’s take a closer look at Isaac Hong’s listing!

Isaac Hong – As time passes by

This mini-album actually came out in 2015 so it’s pretty rad this is back in the charts!

‘As time passes by’ starts off with the single ‘A weary day’. This is such a beautiful track. It’s soft and soothing and Hong’s vocals are gently accompanied by an acoustic guitar and not much else which creates a very intimate feel.

Then the title track ‘As time passes by’ rolls by and introduces us to a very bluesy band sound. The bass in this is super cool and helps make a very rich listening experience. The electric guitar solo is immaculate. What a beautiful track with a beautiful message.

‘Cloud’ is a soft track that explores a more synthy sound. It’s sweet and mellow and will have you swaying along in no time.

The following track is ‘Like a fool’ which brings in the soft jazz. This makes me dream of walking into a jazz club late at night, with low lighting and those small little circular tables. The piano section is absolutely amazing and I love the playfulness between the piano and the guitar.

‘A Walk’ has a pretty long build up but it’s definitely worth the fantastic bridge! We’re getting a first glimpse of the more rock version of Isaac we’re used to hearing nowadays. The vocal belt and the intensity of the instrumentals are wonderful.

Closing this mini is the piano version of ‘Spring’ which earned him the bronze award at the Yoo Jae-Ha Music Contest.

Go ahead and listen to the album by Isaac Hong here on Spotify.

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